Gout was destroying my life, But now it’s gone, learn why & how

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Gout Is Destroying My Life

Yes, for over two full years I though as you do now, gout was destroying my life. I had to sleep in our love-sac for over 6 months because my knee was swollen up and I could not straighten it fully or bend it more than 10 to 15 degrees.

It didn’t just affect myself, it caused a major workload on my wife, in attempts to cure or at least alleviate the pain and crippling effects it was having on me. Not only did she have to take care of me, she carried the load of our small home based business while I suffered excruciation and debilitating symptoms of gout.

We both researched and then went to our doctor. We tried everything, but nothing would stop the flareups. Then we went to diet, many different diets…all to no avail.

Going Vegetarian To Eliminate Gout, But Failed

I actually went vegetarian (and almost vegan), dropping meats completely and in combination with NSAIDS and lots of other things prescribed by our doctor, including steroids and much more. The steroids would stop an attack, but no sooner than it was over, the flareups would begin again.

Prescription Gout Meds. Great Until You Stop Taking Them.

The problem for us as gout suffers is that if you stop taking dangerous medicines to control your gout, you fall right back into brutal outbreaks, this is not what I was seeking. I wanted to fix the problems, not cover the symptoms. This is a major problem with today’s medical professions and science.

It’s not in the best interest of major pharmaceutical companies, scientist and the established healthcare system. If you must take meds each day to prevent horrendous pain and suffering, you are a slave to big business and they only work on the symptoms, not a solution.

Can you name one drug that cures a disease? Anti-biotics are the closest we have to that, and it’s not a disease or syndrome that is cured, bacteria is killed, nothing more. Vaccines are preventive, not a cure.

This does not mean i am against them in any way, there is a place for them, but we need to be seeking cures, not just managing symptoms.

Baking Soda & Gout Relief…Small Victory, But Vicious Consequences

I then done more research and ran across a post/site where a fellow sufferer had made a difference with baking soda, adding a quarter teaspoon to a glass of water 2 to 4 times a day. I have to admit it helped some, but this process put me on blood pressure meds…not good.

Don’t that this as stating you should not try it, it may work for you and that’s why I gave you the link to check it out for yourself.

Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Gout…Some!

I then read about apple cider vinegar (with mother) and tried that. It worked some, taking away the ache of other joints , you know, that achy feeling in your whole body during a flareup or on rainy days. So if you have these days, apple cider vinegar with mother will help. You can order it on Amazon if you are in a more rural areas as I am, but if you are in a major metro or more densely populated area, you should be able to find it locally. I highly recommend it for people with various forms of arthritis. It simple works top some degree, but did not work to stop flareups or eliminate them.

Juicing For Gout Relief…Another Fail

I then tried Juicing after asking my doctor, he thought it was a great idea and suspected it may do the trick. I also bought a months (then 2 and 3) supply of alkaline water and drank 3 to 6 glasses daily to raise my blood PH because of research. I had my blood tested and my PH was the same as it was all 3 months. It never raised or lowered. Guess what juicing includes? Lot’s of fruits and vegetables and fruit has something that does not help much.

Gout Conversations With My Doctor

After 3 months of that not working I asked my doctor about PH and if these things online suggesting that you could affect your blood PH, he bluntly said no, to which i asked, then are purines buildup in the blood related to intake of meats or other proteins. He then made the statement I had been seeking and it lead to a battery of questions he was assaulted with from this answer.

He said it was unlikely that meats caused increased purines in the blood because our bodies self regulate unless there is something wrong with our system. This is why Alkaline water and vegetables could not change it either and yes, i tried that too.

Could Sugar Be The Culprit?

This means something else was wrong with my system and I had to find out what was causing it. So what was causing it? Sugar/Fructose!  Now before you go into crazy mode, let me explain my beliefs and evidence.

When you eat sugar, your blood sugar spikes and builds up insulin resistance, this is what causes diabetes and is 100% medically proven.  This affects the Liver, Insulin and many other functions within the body, effectively breaking a large portion of the body’s ability to self regulate. You can learn more about it here.

This is the just the first part of your research for a gout free life, even my doctor stated that HFCS (High Fructose corn Syrup) is of the Devil, causing untold havoc on the human body. for the sake of time, I am sending you to this link, which explains the test, studies and evidence that gout is indeed caused by the intake of Fructose, Glucose and other sugar related factors.

Now, you also have to take in account carbs, which metabolize into sugar in the body, so you have to limit carbs to about 75 to 125 grams a day in addition to the sugar you consume.

Breads, root crops like carrots and potatoes, pasta and any other carbs need to be managed closely. The good news is that I can now eat meats, tuna, eggs and other high protein foods that are low or absent carbs. This was great for me since I love beef, foul and pork. Seafood is something I do once a month, so I am not sure how that affects me.

I am not a doctor, but I am a gout sufferer and cutting down sugar, fructose, glucose and any form of sugar to under 25 to 35 grams a day and carbs under 125 grams a day has literally eliminated my gout outbreaks that were a constant in my life for over 3 long years.

You may have to adjust these numbers to fit your situation, but it has made a huge difference in my life.

I have been over a year without an outbreak, swelling and crippling effects of Gout.


Final Thoughts & My Final Opinion!

Even though the sugar and carbs worked for me and the other things worked on a limited basis or not at all, I believe it’s overall diet and getting your weight back to a healthy level.

I am 5′ 9″ and weighed 230 lbs. and now, I am still short for a male, but I weigh 170 lbs and have my diet to a sensible plan and now I don’t have the attacks like before. I eat a lot of meats, like chicken, beef and pork and lot’s of steamed vegetables while limiting my carbs and sugar intake.

I drink lot’s of water and still drink a glass, maybe two, of sweet tea daily and keep my diet as organic for vegetables and free range/grass fed as possible. I try to stay away from boxed foods like mac an cheese and most pasta and grains.

I read a story about a lady that suffered from a plethora of health issues about a year ago and she decided not to eat anything that could not be purchased in 1950 and claims her health took a complete 180 degree turn for the better.

In will be sharing more of my thoughts and research into this food subject over the coming months, so come back and visit, there is a lot more to come as I push and study to get back into optimum health.