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There are great things that are hidden by nonsensical opposition. It is one thing to have opposition, but when it comes to extremism, everyone loses. We will be looking at things that are not so mainstream as far as pop culture, products, politics and news.

My name is James Ellis and I am a 40 something male that had outstanding health just 10 years ago. I was able to lift hundreds of pounds, work like Roman slave under almost any circumstances and do things in my late 30′s that most 20 year old males could only dream of, but one accident stopped that ability instantly.

From that date until about 2 years ago, my health went into a steady decline because I was unable to exercise due to the back injury. This started my quest to regain my health. This is my story. Some good, some bad, but I want to share my journey with you on this site/blog.

We are going behind the scenes to take you where few have gone before and show you things that few could be strong enough to believe in today’s society.

We are looking for the hidden gems, the things that work that the mainstream opposes but the populace finds helpful and with some strong support ting evidence.

The TL/DR is that if it does not work, I will tell you, if it does, expect me to shout it from the rooftops. This does not mean it may not work for you if it doesn’t work for me or the opposite, so I will give you the facts, opinions and resources so you can make your own decisions and maybe improve your health as I have and continue to do.

You will not only get my side of the story, but all points of view that I can find on the topic in the most succinct way possible. Some topics will be based on my research only, not personal experience, buy I will let you know if I have personal experience on each topic.

You can see the topics clearly in the right side bar. Just pick your topic and dive in.